Clock Tower Music                      676  Laurel  St .  San  Carlos       650-595-2024

since 1983


Quotes Clock Tower Music has the feel of an old neighborhood store. You get personalized service from their very knowledgeable staff. Brian, who does the repairs, has been exceptional! I cannot count how many times he has tightened a screw or tweaked something on a sax to make it sound like a new instrument, often for nothing. Compared to other music stores, Brian has always given honest estimates, going over the whole list of recommended repairs and pointing out which are most necessary and which can wait. He has never overcharged for repair work. In fact, I find Clock Tower to have the most reasonable repair pricing out of all shops we have tried between south San Francisco and Redwood City. It probably helps that he is a sax player. Quotes
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M T. San Carlos, CA

Quotes It's a really small place so not the greatest selection, but really great prices. The lady behind the counter was nice and helped my inept ass with guitar strings. She even gave me a discount on an electronic tuner (like i said, inept). Now I'm all excited to go home and actually learn how to play guitar rather than just collect them... Quotes
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Geryon R. San Francisco, CA

Quotes A great place for we peninsula ukulele players, the folks there are really interested in what you're learning-playing etc and are knowledgeable. Please patronize your local independent shops instead of the big online megamarts! Quotes
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Paula T. Redwood City, CA

Quotes Clock Tower is a friendly local business that deserves patronage. I am a piano teacher and recommend Clock Tower to my students. They don't have a huge range of piano methods, but plenty to get started, and I believe they will order for you too. I got some great older piano books they had on clearance for a super deal. Quotes
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Marian T. San Carlos, CA

Quotes They have become an amazing resource for my family's evolving music needs. They referred us to a piano teacher for our eight year old as well as a piano tuner. We needed some Christmas sheet music and then for some other familiar songs for our burgeoning Chopin. Then, my wife turned to them to get her violin restrung. It might not be very big or well stocked, but they care about the community of which they are an important part Quotes
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David P. San Carlos, CA

Quotes Clock Tower Music is exactly what I'm looking for in a neighborhood music store!! The owner was so sweet and amazingly helpful. I'm debating whether I want to pick up an instrument, and he let me try some out. He also gave me a free flute fingering chart, which was a bonus! I'm used to going to the Guitar Center near Union Square NYC -- which is large, impersonal, and filled with people running around -- and leaving a bit stressed. Clock Tower Music was the opposite. All in all, it was a wonderful experience. STORE The store occupies a long space. Guitars and ukeleles hang on the walls, as well as instrument accessories. There's a rehearsal/instruction space in the middle and then there seems to be an open space in the back. CTM just started offering its first ukelele group lessons. Quotes
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Elle W. New York, NY