Clock Tower Music                      676  Laurel  St .  San  Carlos       650-595-2024

since 1983

Who We Are

We currently have 12 teachers to inspire the musician inside.


Please contact our instructors for available times:

Brandon Robinson      guitar

Todd Kimball              mandolin, ukulele

Brian Kimmel             saxophone, bass

Mike Ehlers                guitar, ukulele


We have 4 pianos in our studios and excellent teachers to help you.

Frank Martinez
Scott Dailey

 Saxphone, Clarinet

Either starting out or need improving on your skill. We can help.

Brian Kimmel (Saxophone) 595-2024
Scott Dailey ( Clarinet) 714-9578

Tuba, Trombone,Trumpet, Baritone, French Horn

Improve your skills:

Owen Bruce 868-8893

Bass Guitar

Bass players are always needed.

Brian Kimmel


Violin Instruction by:

Pierre Dazin
(857) 234-6519